Smoke detectors

While the building codes have changed over the years, It is highly recommend to have a smoke detector in each bedroom and outside of each bedroom within a short distance from the door.


553.883 Smoke alarms in one-family and two-family dwellings and townhomes.One-family and two-family dwellings and townhomes undergoing a repair, or a level 1 alteration as defined in the Florida Building Code, may use smoke alarms powered by 10-year nonremovable, nonreplaceable batteries in lieu of retrofitting such dwelling with smoke alarms powered by the dwelling’s electrical system. A battery-powered smoke alarm that is newly installed or replaces an existing battery-powered smoke alarm as a result of a level 1 alteration must be powered by a nonremovable, nonreplaceable battery that powers the alarm for at least 10 years. The battery requirements of this section do not apply to a fire alarm, smoke detector, smoke alarm, or ancillary component that is electronically connected as a part of a centrally monitored or supervised alarm system; that uses a low-power, radio frequency wireless communication signal; or that contains multiple sensors, such as a smoke alarm combined with a carbon monoxide alarm or other multisensor devices, and is approved and listed by a nationally recognized testing laboratory.


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